Window Standards Update

The Window Preservation Standards Collaborative has been working diligently to produce the first Window Preservation and Weatherization Standards. The task has turned out to be more time consuming than anyone thought.

The development and editing of the Standards is proceeding at the forum, which has many brisk conversations going on simultaneously and the expanded group of over 100 collaborators are now writing standards as well.

In February the development phase for the first edition ends and the final editing and publishing phase begins, which is expected to take about ten weeks.

–John Leeke, co-founder and editor

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4 Responses to Window Standards Update

  1. Daniel mazzotti says:

    John , I am a supervisor at Gettysgurg National Military Park wanting to buy the Windows Preservation Standards book on line , as you know we are tax exempt , I can’t find a source to fax a tax exempt form , can you advise me ?

  2. John Leeke says:

    Hi Daniel, please give our business manager, Bob Yapp, a call. His number is listed on the frontpage:

  3. leroy ellison says:

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