History of the Standards

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History of the Standards

Postby johnleeke » November 18th, 2011, 3:55 pm

History of the Standards

(This topic has been suggested. Following are some notes & ideas on the history of the standards. When you see "..." that is an invitation to add more yourself. Click on "Post Reply" above to comment.)

Notes & Discussion:

1990 the rise of the specialty of work on older and historic windows

Early discussions among the window specialists
2009 at John Leeke's Historic HomeWorks discussion forum:
2010 at the PTN IPTW in Frankfort, KY with David, Duffy, Jim and Bob

2010 The Window Preservation Standards Collaborative founded in December

2011 Work on the standards began in February

2013 Window Standards book published in June

Standards Co-Founder
Standards Editor


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