Documenting failure of replacement windows

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Documenting failure of replacement windows

Postby johnleeke » July 15th, 2012, 7:17 pm

David Liberty documents failure of replacement windows:

We need more documentation of replacement window failures. If we can get two or three well documented cases that show failures within 5 to 12 years we can use the phrase "disposable windows" in the published Standards.

Good documentation would include the contract for installation, written notes, photos or videos of the failure, and written permission to use the documented case from the building owner and a statement from the building owner about why they originally replaced the windows, what they think of the failure, and what they will do to recover from the failure.

Be sure to get your own formal permission from the building owner if you intend to document and submit a case. You can post your documented case right here and I will contact you for permissions, etc.
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