List of Promotional Contacts

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List of Promotional Contacts

Postby Catherine Brooks » April 20th, 2012, 11:39 am

My Press contacts for WPSC as of 4-2012

Journal of Light Construction: Tom O’Brien, Contributing writer already wrote several articles on Lead Safe Work Practices and Tools comparisons including our Speedheater

Remodeling Magazine: through Maura Jacobs Sales Dept

Qualified Remodeler: Christina Koch, Editor in Chief wrote article about our product Speedheater as low-heat paint remover

Design and Durability online and print: Sharon Steele, Editor; already written several articles on WPSC, RRP, John Leeke’s window restoration workshops

Old House Journal: Demetra Aposporos, Editor in Chief and John Leeke, Contributing Writer; already did one article on WPSC with Bob Yapp and John has done many
over the years on window restoration, etc.

Extreme How To: Matt Weber, Editor; wants a step-to-step on window restoration

PreservationDirectory, online: Tim Canaan, editor; lots of resource lists and articles

Fine Homebuilding: Justin Fink, Senior Editor; many articles about LeadSafe work practices and tools; Brian Pontolilo, Magazine Editor

National Historic Trust: WPSC Founders NationWide Remodelers Website tab on Window Replacement (advertisers: Marvin, Anderson, Milgard, PGT windows) I have several freelance writers for this website’s blogs interested in our cause; I have been blogging counterarguments for window restoration and weatherization vs replacement. This publication might be tough, but more blogging is a start.

This Old House: YAHOO!!! My best coup!!! Thomas Baker, Building Technology Editor; I am corresponding with him about a product endorsement issue; he is VERY receptive

Traditonal Building and Period Homes: Gordon Bock, Contributing Editor

BuildingGreen: Paula Melton, Managing Editor. Ready for our report.

GreenAmerica: online newsletter; Tracy Rysavy, Editor

American Painting Contractor: Emily Howard, Editor

LinkedIn: business/social marketing online: 19 groups related to planning and building codes, healthy homes, green construction, remodeling contractors

do you know of that we can contact? Your personal/business connections are paramount to this massive marketing effort moving forward. Remember we are combatting the HEAVILY FUNDED and massive marketing campaigns of the huge window replacement industries!

Contact me directly to contribute.

Catherine Brooks

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Re: List of Promotional Contacts

Postby johnleeke » June 10th, 2012, 11:29 am


Please add these to your list in the message above:

Reed Jackson and Lindsey O'Brien (lindsey*dot*obrien*at*djcoregon*dot*com) at Daily Journal of Commerce Oregon. . They were the two reporters for those two recent article. I could be worth finding out who their editor is.
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