Structure and content of the standards

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Structure and content of the standards

Postby sschoberg » July 30th, 2011, 6:14 am

I enjoyed the summit and came away with much to think about. As I was driving back I began thinking how I would structure the standards and have included them below. Thanks to all for allowing me to participate. I think we can do this.

My mind keeps going to the importance of how the standards will be constructed along with the content including best practices to accomplish them. It seems like the standards should encompass the whole concept of keeping origianl window with reasoning why. Which will not only include the wind test results but the reason why keeping original windows is all important. So with this in mind I submit the following;

"The Standards for the continued use, Preservation, Continued Use, Maintainance and Weatherization of Original Windows"
1. Preservation and continued use, with reasoning why

2. Maintanance
Best practices to do smalled repairs all the way to full restorations.

3. Weatherization
a. Storm windows---specs for both repairs fo existing and for new wood and metal--
and exterior.
b. Weather Stripping----specs for products and best procedures for application

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