Paint as a Material for Window Work

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Paint as a Material for Window Work

Postby johnleeke » November 18th, 2011, 4:46 pm

Paint as a Material for Window Work

(Following are some notes & ideas. When you see "..." that is an invitation to add more yourself. Click on "Post Reply" above to comment.)

We need a brief write up on paint, 50 to 100 words, three short paragraphs. Here's the outline:

Title: Paint as a Material for Window Work.

What kinds of paint were commonly used on pre-1040s windows?

What are the typical paint conditions found on old windows?

What paint materials and products are used in our window preservation work today?

How to tell the difference between the the good stuff ("best grade") and the bad stuff?

Pre-treatments: "The pre-treatment of gray weathered wood surfaces with a consolidating oil or resin (COR) conditions and fills the porous wood surfaces so they will not draw the binders out of the new oil-base primer weakening it's bond with the surface."--John Leeke

Linseed oil & Mildew issue: "While the use of linseed oil has raised some discussion, as it has been said it can cause mildew and mold to form, I have not experienced this problem in 25 years." -- David Gibney

(this write up does not need to cover what to do with paint, that is covered in all the individual treatment standards)


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