Renew Sash Stile (final)

Wood repairs for sashes, frames and sills.
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Renew Sash Stile (final)

Postby davidgibney » February 19th, 2012, 11:31 am

Status: [ ] submitted work method, [] proposed treatment standard, [x] final treatment standard
Update: 4/22/12
Author: David Gibney
Contributors: John Leeke

Title of Treatment: Renew Sash Stile
Class of Treatment: [ ] Maintain, [ ] Stabilize, [x] Repair, [ ] Upgrade, [ ] Exception
Type of Treatment: [x] Traditional, [ ] Contemporary, [ ] Conservation

Condition to be Treated:
The sash style is deteriorated and cannot be repaired.

The old stile is removed, a new one is made to match the old exactly and is fitted into the sash. This treatment is appropriate when the style is beyond repair.

Typical Procedure:
1. Remove the existing style by removing the wooden pegs or metal pins with a steel drift pin. Save wooden pegs for reuse if they are in good condition.
2. Examine the existing style to determine the critical dimensions and shapes needed to re-create an identical stile.
3. Make stile stock to match the existing stile exactly in size and shape.
4. Cut tenons and mortises to the exact size and shape as on the original stile.
5. Re-assemble the sash, fitting the new stile onto the upper and lower rails and any muntins. Assure the sash is square. Fasten the joints with pegs or pins.

• Wood, decay resistant, tight grain, straight grain
• Wood pegs or steel pins

Quality of Results

Best Work: Joints show no significant movement when rail and stile are twisted by hand. The new style is not visually different from the old stile after painting.

Inadequate Work: Profile or dimensions are different than the original. Gaps at the joints. Adjacent face surfaces are not flush and parallel.

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Re: Repair or replace a existing window style

Postby johnleeke » April 22nd, 2012, 11:03 am

David writes in the original draft:
>>I have used this method for the past twenty five years without failure as long as it is kept painted<<

Bob Yapp
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Re: Renew Sash Stile (draft)

Postby Bob Yapp » August 27th, 2012, 12:46 pm

Let's use "In-Kind" for the wood here.

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