Deglaze Sash, Selective Paint Removal (final)

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Deglaze Sash, Selective Paint Removal (final)

Postby bobyapp » January 18th, 2012, 6:48 pm

Author: Bob Yapp
Contributors: John Leeke

Title of Treatment: Deglaze Sash, Selective Paint & Putty Removal
Class of Treatment: [ ] Maintain, [ ] Stabilize, [x] Repair, [ ] Upgrade, [ ] Exception
Type of Treatment: [ ] Traditional, [x] Modern

Condition to be Treated:
Failing paint finishes and putty.

Inspect sashes and determine if paint and putty removal is needed. All glass, deteriorated paint and putty is removed cleanly down to bare wood.

Typical Procedure:

1. Inspect sashes for paint & putty deterioration. Determine if the paint and putty is intact and can be maintained, or if it cannot be maintained and must be removed.
2. Set sashes on carpet pads, exterior side up, on top of bench to protect interior paint finish.
3. Mist areas of removal lightly with water to control dust.
4. Warm up paint and putty with a heating device and scrape off surfaces, including the face surfaces, edges, and the flat part of the interior molding profile next to the glass, with a hook scraper.
5. Remove old glazing points, remove panes and set aside for cleaning later.
6. Lightly mist surfaces with water and carefully scrap to bare wood with a carbide scraper.
7. Sand only if needed.

• Water in a spray bottle
• Sandpaper or sanding sponges

Quality of Results:

Best Work:
All wood treated is bare with no paint residue. No charring from the heating devise or gouging from the scrapers. Carbide scraping was done well with no need for any sanding. All arrises maintain the original sharp shape.
Adequate Work:
All wood is mostly bare with only slight paint residue remaining. Very minor charring or burning from the heating devise is scraped away and minor gouging is sanded out. Minor gouging of side edge of glazing rabbet.
Inadequate Work:
Paint residue still remains. Scraper gouges and burn marks from improper heating device use. Heavy sanding needed. Arris and side edge of glazing rabbet is torn up and ragged.

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Re: Deglaze Sash, Selective Paint and Removal (draft)

Postby johnleeke » January 18th, 2012, 6:51 pm

Should this have a cleaning step at the end? Would you write it up? Thanks.
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