Lawrence Berkeley Labs Testing Opportunity

Controlling the movement of air and heat through windows.
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Lawrence Berkeley Labs Testing Opportunity

Postby johnleeke » August 27th, 2011, 3:52 pm


Dave Clark, Collaborative Adviser and Window Wright in California, has been busy forming a connection with the Window Attachments testing project and Lawrence Berkeley Labs (LBL) for the Standards project. Dave discussed this with us at the Summit. Dave has been in close touch with several people at LBL over the years and spotted an excellent opportunity for us to participate in a new Window Attachments testing project LBL is starting up right now. Following is Dave's proposal to the Collaborative to formalize this connection, along with the first few steps we have to take in the coming months to take advantage of this important opportunity.

--John Leeke, WPSC Founder

LBL Proposal from Dave Clark

Good day all Collaborative members,

On Friday, August 19, I met with Dr. D Charlie Curcija, to discuss the procedures and scope of the tests that will be performed on historical windows as part of LBL's new testing program.

Charlie has asked that we all go to and look at it carefully, for this is where the results of our participation in their testing program will end up. If you go to Fact Sheets on the website, read Overview, the Interior and Exterior attachment links and 'Other' (this is where weatherstripping / air sealing is to be found). Once the data is collected, I hope 'Window Air Sealing' gets its on heading. Charlie says they envision a heading just for Historical Homes in a pdf file like others displayed with in the web sites. Thank you for a well presented and thought out site.

There will be two types of tests in LBL's testing program. They hope to have all their data collected by Summer 2012.

The first set of tests will be done in a chamber room, as I understand it, much larger than Larry Kennedy used in his recent Colorado tests. We have use of this chamber for a limited period of time this Fall. Sharon Ferraro, Colaborative Observer, stated at the Summit that her brother Marc, Colaborative Adviser, has a double hung window set 'all ready to ship'. I have called Marc for confirmation. We will need to have this window set delivered to LBL by early October.

The second test will be done with the MoWiTT unit. This unit is unique and fundamental in measuring heat transfer through the glass. The MoWiTT unit, which is being brought out of deep storage in Nevada, should arrive at LBL sometime in October. It will however, need to be refitted and updated by LBL. This will take until early spring of next year to complete, thus MoWiTT testing will be done in the Spring.

So what is needed now from WPSC? Would all you from the collaborative who want to be involved in this please introduce yourself to Charlie at "D. Charlie Curcija" <>. Charlie will put us all together on a web meeting, where he well layout the outline for the process to complete the study, and how it will be presented in the fact sheet.

I hope to have the address to where we have to ship the window set to, sooner than the web meeting. I suspect I will be hired by LBL to do the installation of the different window weatherization treatments (per the draft standard for each treatment). I should note that LBL is using the word "attachments" for what we are calling "treatments."

Once we all get in touch with Charlie, we will know better what we need to do, to participate in their testing program. So hope to hear from you all soon, on the internet!

Take care,

David Clark

end of Dave's LBL proposal

Comments from John Leeke:

-- This is an excellent initial opportunity to get confirmation of air infiltration test results on the five weatherization treatments tested at the summit. Even more importantly, this is the first opportunity to have these treatments tested for thermal performance.

-- I ask everyone to "reply all" to this email, with your comments and questions.

-- I ask the Founders to provide their formal permission to move ahead with forming this connection with LBL and their new testing program.

-- We should not worry about the LBL results coming out in Summer of 2012, because we could easily run the results into our Standards book as an appendix with a special edition that would generate news and more sales.

-- Dave, could you check with LBL to see if their testing program can pay for shipping the window set from Kalamazoo to LBL? I presume that if they cannot, then WPSC would have to fit that into the budget and raise the funds.

-- Marc, can you provide us with some photos of the window set? (over all photos, and detail photos) We need to determine if it is suitable for the five weatherization treatments that were demonstrated and tested at the Summit. Perhaps you could provide us with your opinion on that, since you are there and can examine it first hand.

-- Marc, can you run an estimate of crating and shipping costs?

-- Bob, is it possible we could use participation in LBL's testing program as a specific funding "ask" and proposal? Would this help open up funding connections with the "green & sustainable" community?

Thank you for your careful consideration of this important opportunity.


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