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Review & Comment on the Drafts

Postby johnleeke » December 16th, 2011, 6:20 pm

We are counting on Advisers and Stakeholders to review and comment on the drafts of the standards.

The drafts are available as messages here at the forum.
The draft for each topic, treatment or repair method is a separate message. You have to browse through The Standards Document section of the forum to see them. Click on this link:


to see that section. You will see several main headings: Introduction, Woodwork, Steel Work, Weatherization, etc. Click on a heading to see a listing of draft standards at the top, and then a listing of discussion topics. Click on any item in this listing to read a draft or discussion. Click on a "Post reply" button to leave your comment.

New drafts will be posted daily or weekly over the next few months. Check back weekly to see how the full document develops.

Why is the draft all spread out like this? So that it is easy to collect comments from over a hundred people and then fully consider thousands of comments as each topic and standard is revised and edited. (It has to be easy because all of us working on writing the standards are also out working on windows. So, we ask you to put your comments right where they will be needed.)

If you post a message you will get an email notification whenever anyone else posts a message on that topic, with a link directly to the topic. If you are interested in a topic but have nothing to say, you can click on "Subscribe topic" and you will receive an email notification whenever a message is left there.

Thank you for your help in writing and developing the Standards.
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