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Post your comments and notes on the Summit Draft right here.
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Page 01, Start Here

Postby johnleeke » August 2nd, 2011, 5:33 pm

(You have to have your printed copy of the Summit Draft for the following to make any sense.)

Click "Post Reply" to submit your notes for page 1.

To key your note to a specific place on the page, look at that page in your printed copy of the Summit draft. Begin your note with the "at" symbol, @, and the header or a few words at the beginning of the sentence or paragraph where you note belongs. For example:

@This Header: your note.
@These three words: your note.

If you have drawings, or too much typing and can scan your page, you can attach the scan file to your message. When in the message editor look below for the Upload Attachment section and click on "Browse."

If you have the same comment as some one has already submitted, go ahead and submit yours too. This will tell us where to place priorities and what to emphasize in the standards.

Submit your notes on the topic of discussion for each page. See a listing of the pages here:


If you would like to see the pages in order, go to the bottom of the topics listing and see the line "Display topics from previous:". Here you can use the "drop down" selections for Sort By: Subject, Ascending, then press "Go."

If all this is just too complicated,
you can simple put your printed copy of the Summit Draft with you annotations in the mail to me, and I will return it when we are done editing the Standards Document.

Thanks for your help.

your editor,

John Leeke
26 Higgins St.
Portland, ME 04103

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