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Postby johnleeke » August 2nd, 2011, 5:49 pm

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Paul Marlowe
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Postby Paul Marlowe » August 14th, 2011, 5:17 pm

@Goals & Objectives: (1) create a membership with dues that will help to finance continuous education of window restoration. This education could be provided to as diverse a group that attended the WPSC Summit 2011 and especially for all the professional members doing the work in the field and those young sponge like minds that desperately want to learn, so they can carve their own path in life.
(2) Funds from membership should also be used to create, print and distribute a small brochure explaining the reasons to restore windows rather than replace. Each Member should be able to glue their business card onto the brochure or have a place to stamp or note their name and affiliation with WPSC. They can then share this info. to all those they feel are interested.
(3) Get more National then International exposure of this subject ASAP after the first draft of the standards is complete and the website is prepared for heavier traffic of believers & skeptics alike.

@Develop formal standards to guide our work: (1) create a spot on the Forum for members to ask each other questions and provide feedback. This will increase sharing of techniques and discussions of all preservation issues that might inhibit the understanding or promotion of window restoration in general. (2) create a spot on the Forum that is open to view by the Public, for members to tell their story of why they began performing window restoration or what are the reasons they feel strongly about the promotion of it.

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