Deglazing, Selective Paint Removal, sash Test-W2 (final).

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Deglazing, Selective Paint Removal, sash Test-W2 (final).

Postby bobyapp » January 17th, 2012, 1:59 pm

Author: Bob Yapp
References: Test Window W2

Title of Treatment: Deglazing, Selective Paint Removal & Complete Glazing Putty Removal
Class of Treatment: [ ] Maintain, [ ] Stabilize, [x] Repair, [ ] Upgrade, [ ] Exception
Type of Treatment: [x ] Traditional, [ ] Modern

Condition to be Treated:
Remove selected, failing paint finishes and all glazing putty.

Inspected top and bottom sashes for paint & putty issues. Determined the interior paint surfaces were intact and in good condition having been re-painted recently. All exterior paint as well as the flat part of the interior molding profile, next to the glass, had failing paint. All glazing putty had failed. All paint was removed cleanly down to bare wood.

Typical Procedure:

1. Set sashes on carpet pads, exterior side up, on top of field bench to protect interior paint finish

2. In this case the putty had catastrophic failure. All the putty and surrounding paint was misted lightly with water to manage dust and was removed easily with a putty knife and roller chisel.

3. All old glazing points were removed and original glass set off to the side for cleaning later.

4. Using an infrared paint (IR) removal device and a hook shave, all exterior paint was quickly removed as well as the flat part of the interior molding profile next to the glass.

5. Both exterior sides of the sashes were then lightly misted with water and the areas where the bulk paint had been removed were carefully scraped to bare wood with a carbide scraper. No sanding was needed.

• Water in a spray bottle

Quality of Results:

Best Work:
All wood was bare with no paint residue. No burning from the IR devise or gouging from the scrapers. Carbide scraping was done well with no need for any sanding. Side edge of glazing bed maintains the original crisp edge.

Adequate Work:
All wood is mostly bare with slight paint residue. Minor burning from the IR devise that is scraped away and minor gouging that could be sanded out. Minor gouging of side edge of glazing bed.

Inadequate Work:
Paint residue still remains. Scraper gouges and burn marks from improper IR use. Heavy sanding needed. Side edge of glazing bed is torn up and ragged

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Re: Deglazing, Selective Paint Removal, sash Test-W2 (draft)

Postby oculus » February 11th, 2012, 11:56 am

I think this sounds good for the Traditional treatment type. I would like to write up something for the Conservation treatment type but I wasn't sure if we were going to be publishing more than one approach to a problem.
Are there any other folks on this forum that practise a conservation approach? Please contact me to discuss conservation methodology.
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Re: Deglazing, Selective Paint Removal, sash Test-W2 (draft)

Postby johnleeke » February 11th, 2012, 1:38 pm


Yes, there can be more than one standard for each treatment or window condition.

Please do submit one for conservation type deglazing.
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