Sealing Interior & Exterior Casings, Test W2, adjust(final).

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Sealing Interior & Exterior Casings, Test W2, adjust(final).

Postby bobyapp » January 17th, 2012, 2:30 pm

Author: Bob Yapp
References: Test Window W2
Title of Treatment: Sealing Interior and Exterior Casings & Trim- 2nd Test adjustment-W2
Class of Treatment: [ ] Maintain, [ ] Stabilize, [ ] Repair, [x] Upgrade, [ ] Exception
Type of Treatment: [ ] Traditional, [x] Modern

Condition to be Treated:
After initial air infiltration testing, the exterior sill & casings were caulked as well as the interior painted casing and related trim parts. This was the only adjustment made to this opening, W2, after the second round of testing.

All exterior and interior trim, surrounding test window W2, was caulked with a paintable, acrylic latex caulk with silicon. No backer rod was needed.

Typical Procedure:

1. All gaps in the exterior and interior trim around W2 was inspected to determine areas that needed to be sealed to prevent excessive air infiltration

2. Some exterior siding and trim & interior trim were re-nailed using hot dipped, galvanized #8 trim nails to tighten them to normal standards.

3. All areas identified as potential air infiltration points were caulked.

• Paintable, acrylic latex caulking with silicon
• #8 hot dipped, galvanized, exterior casing nails.

Quality of Results:
All loose trim and siding around the window opening, interior and exterior, was nailed tightly according to normal conditions. All areas were caulked neatly where air infiltration could occur. No areas were caulked where no air infiltration could occur.

Best Work:
All interior and exterior trim and siding nailed with hot dipped, galvanized, exterior casing nails so the wood did not crack or split. All caulking done neatly and cleanly.

Adequate Work:
Minor splits in wood that is re-nailed with hot dipped, galvanized, exterior casing nails. Minor splits are caulked. All caulking done fairly neatly but not perfect.

Inadequate Work:
Lots of trim and siding not re-nailed or caulked. Large gaps filled with caulking and no backer rod. Not all gaps caulked to stop air infiltration around the window opening. Un-coated steel nails or drywall screws used to secure trim.

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