Schedule for the Second Edition 2021

How the Second Edition is Being Developed, Parts & Definitions
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Schedule for the Second Edition 2021

Postby johnleeke » January 10th, 2020, 11:14 am

Schedule for the Second Edition 2021
(update: 3/24/21)

Second Edition Development
The work will be in four phases, done in this order:

1. Content Development (now through June 2021)
New content will be developed, reviewed for technical content and refined by peer review on the Forum, and then finalized. This includes: new topics, new methods, guidelines, glossary and bibliography, cover design & art, final illustrations, etc. It also includes a technical review and revisions to the first edition content.

2. Copy Editing (July 2021)
Corrections on typos, spelling, syntax, etc. This includes new content and minor corrections and revisions to the first edition content.
At the Summit two people with professional experience in copy editing offered to pitch in on this.

3. Organization & Page Layout (August 2021)
Is a comprehensive reorganization needed? Organization needs to be compatible with the CSI MasterFormat and might even be based on the MasterFormat divisions and catagories, See
Indexing of the book would be done in this phase.

4. POD Publishing (September 2021)
Uploading files to the Print On Demand service. Two or three rounds of minor revisions to resolve the illustration, page layout and production glitches that always crop up; to be done with print proofs sent to a few key people.

The new edition will be available for sale and purchase in September 2021.
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