The Vision

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The Vision

Postby johnleeke » April 19th, 2011, 6:45 pm

The purpose of the standards is to document the “means and methods” that are used to arrive at a known and recognizable result. We envision a book of about 100 to 150 pages that catalogs specific methods for the preservation and weatherization of older and historic windows. Detailed methods, procedures and materials will be included.

To maintain objective guidance for users of the standards we will not include specific brand names or products.

Topics will include:

- How to use the standards
- How these standards fit in with other common standards in construction and preservation
- A few general approaches for window work
- Many specific methods including step-by-step procedures and materials

Development of the Content of the Standards

An "Open Development" method is used to display the development of the content of the standards here on the website, making each section and part of the standards available for review and comment by our founders, advisers and stakeholders. This will be done in an "open discussion" format. Changes will be made to the drafts of the standards right here in response to this open discussion. Essentially, revisions and drafts will be developed in open view to all.

"Open Development" is an effective and efficient way to quickly develop complex and detailed information using the knowledge and expertise of many people. The first message in each "Announcement" discussion is the draft of a section or topic that will eventually be published in the standards document. After that first message a discussion develops with other people leaving messages to ask questions or make comments. In response to those questions and comments the first message is edited, which becomes highly refined in response to the discussion. This development model will be used for the window standards document.
Benefits of "Open Development" are:
• Efficiently building consensus among several people
• Helps establish trust among all the contributors
• Acts as very effective "advance marketing" for the project and final publication.

Writing of the Standards

The standards will be written entirely by practicing tradespeople so that the standards reflect what is actually being done out in the field, up on the scaffold and in the workshop. The Collaborative's Founders, John Leeke, Duffy Hoffman, Bob Yapp, David Gibney and Jim Turner will write the first draft of the standards. As the draft is written, sections, topics and standards will be posted here at the Forum for your review and comment.
The Collaborative Advisers will give their advice and comments here at the Forum and at the Summit. There will be about 30 Advisers.
The Collaborative Stakeholders can also review and comment on the drafts of the standards here at the Forum. There will be about 100 to 200 Stakeholders.

Advisers and Stakeholders will be able to submit topics and standards for consideration.

Before the Summit parts of the first draft will be available for review and comment here at the Forum.

During the Summit the Founders and Advisers will continue to revise the standards.

After the Summit the first full draft of the standards will be available here at the Forum for at least two months for review and comment by the Founders, Advisers and Stakeholders.

After the Summit the content of the standards will be finalized and the document will be edited and formatted for publication.

Then the standards document will be published and available for purchase via a Print-on-Demand publishing service.

Your thinking, experience, ideas, comments and contributions are an important part of the standards project. Together we will collaborate to create effective standards that can actually be used to promote and guide the care and maintenance of older and historic windows.

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Re: The Vision

Postby savingmaine » June 16th, 2011, 8:19 pm

THANK YOU for doing this it is needed! I am so tired of driving around Maine and seeing historic home after historic destroyed with inferior replacement windows and argueing with people who don't believe me when I tell them the old windows can be saved! There architectural salvalagers out there swooping down on these old window sash, if they had no value, and couldn't be saved and were worthless, why would they want them?? I am looking forward to your results and progress and will be following your work closely, as well as passing the word on!

Thank You!

Steven Burr

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