Outline of Methods used on Test Windows (final)

Energy Performance Testing of 7 Windows
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Outline of Methods used on Test Windows (final)

Postby johnleeke » January 8th, 2012, 9:12 pm

Following are the methods used on the test windows at the Summit. Founders, please write up a standard for each of these methods. If you have corrections on the methods used, or used additional methods on your window, please click on "post reply" and leave a message about it.

Window S1, Jim Turner
Remove steel window frame and sash from wall opening
Deglaze the sash
Remove paint
Treat rust (submitted)
Paint sash and frame
Glaze sash
Install frame and sash into wall opening
Install interior storm window
Refinement: Storm window adjustment

Window W1, Bob Yapp
Sill extension (documented and submitted by Angel)
Install storm window, wood, permanent (submitted)
(not other work done, no refinements)

Window W2, Bob Yapp
Remove sash
Sill extension (documented and submitted by Angel)
Sash selective removal of paint coatings
Sash dutchman repair
Glaze sash (submitted)
Add parting beads to jambs without them
Weatherstrip (submitted)
Install storm window, wood, removable (submitted)
Install sash
Perimeter sealant at all interior casing and all exterior casing

Window W3, Duffy Hoffman
Remove sash
Boarding up (documented & submitted by John Leeke)
Deglaze sash and remove all paint
Dutchman repair
Glaze and paint sash
Sill extension
Add parting beads to jambs without them
Install sash
Install metal storm window
Perimeter sealant
Install sash
Insulate cavity gaps at frame
Reseal exterior sill

Window W4, David Gibney
Remove sash
Sill extension
Sash paint removal
Sash dutchman splice repair
Sash make and install muntin
Add parting beads to jambs without them
Weatherstrip with brush type
Install sash
Change weatherstrip from brush to bulb
Add interior bottom stop and seal
Install sash

Window W5, John Leeke
Interior air panel, make and install (draft: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=76)
("Less is More" guideline: no work done on sash, sill, jambs, frame or casings)
Slight trim to 6" of interior stool so panel can be removed

Refinements: none, working under "Less is More" guideline

Window W6, No work done, testing control

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