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We are pleased and amazed that so many of the Window Preservation Standards books have sold to date. This has helped us recover most of the expenses for this not-for-profit endeavor. Our goal has always been to get the book in as many hands as possible in order to stop the needless destruction of old and historic windows.


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Window Preservation Standards Book

The national Window Preservation Standards book catalogs specific methods for the assessment, maintenance, repair, preservation and weatherization of older and historic wooden windows. Many detailed methods, procedures and materials are included, as well as basic strategies for saving older and historic windows. The Standards were developed and written by more than 100 window specialists who collaborated from all across the United States and Canada. The Windows Standards book was purposely developed to include “what to do” not “how to do it,” to be used as a guide for learning and training, for specifying and supervising window work, etc. We took this approach because there are already several excellent resources on “how to” preserve windows including other books, preservation trades schools, videos, training courses, workshops, etc.
107 pages with 49 illustrations, color cover, black & white interior, 8.5″ x 11″.

Topics include the Window Preservation Standards Collaborative, guiding principles for window preservation work, window part names and definitions, organizing and planning window preservation projects, and how to use the Standards.

Methods include surveying and assessing conditions, glazing, painting, wood repairs, weatherization updates, storm windows and maintenance with many more. Each treatment standard has a brief description of a specific method with appropriate use, a step-by-step procedure that shows what is done and materials are listed. A special section describes how to judge the character of the completed work with easy observations and simple tests to assure the best quality work.

The results of energy performance testing done at the 2011 National Window Preservation Summit are included. They confirm what we already know:  Save the primary sash and frame, add weatherstripping and a storm to make the window meet or exceed current performance standards for air infiltration. Get all the details in the book, including which energy upgrade methods worked best.

The Appendix includes a listing of all the one-hundred and two Collaborators who developed and wrote the Standards, how to participate in the Collaborative and help develop the standards, how to write a standard, and a review of other window energy use studies.

When you buy the Window Preservation Standards book you are supporting the costs of developing and publishing of the Standards. Development and publication of the book is a non-profit project done in partnership with the Preservation Trades Network, Kentucky Heritage Council and Kentucky Preservation.

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  1. Hi,
    Amy and I are going to teach and manage a workshop for the Preservation Trust in Vermont and also would love to offer the “Standards” for sale in our teaching shop.
    I will be ordering my own copy soon, but was interested in the wholesale pricing for distribution.

    • John Leeke says:

      Hi Ron,
      It’s great to hear about your workshop in Vermont.
      There is a 40% discount for resellers who buy 10 or more copies of the Standards book. Here are the terms.
      New resellers’ terms:
      — Must resell at the $29.50 price point.
      — 40% discount, which gives a wholesale price of $17.70 per copy
      — Resellers may add on handling, service fee and shipping.
      — All sales final no returns allowed.
      — All orders must be placed online at the website:
      — No purchase order or vendor form services are available.
      — No sales tax exemptions available, so you will need to pay sales tax on your order if necessary and consider it as an ordinary expense.
      When you are ready to order contact me at and I will send you the discount code you will need when ordering online.

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